Requirements approach for a Master Data Management (MDM) solution

Requirements approach for a Master Data Management (MDM) solution

Working on requirements for a Master Data Management solution and looking for thoughts on how to approach requirements? You may be able leverage this guide or some of the articles with key themes.

Requirements for an MDM Solution

I developed this guide to share with others the approach I use to gather, document, and manage requirements for a Master Data Management solution, with the hope that they may be able to leverage the approach to formulate their approach. If you are working on requirements for a Master Data Management solution and looking for thoughts on how to approach requirements, you may be able to leverage some of the information contained in the Smartlist or the guide. Take a look!! This Smartlist brings together the content created to support the guide.

How the Type of Solution affects your Requirements Approach

Requirements activities are similar, regardless of the type of solution. What differs is the approach to those activities, the sequence and emphasis of specific activities, and the content of the work products.

The Importance of Solution Requirements for Data Integration Solutions

Even with an agile approach, it is important to take time up front to establish the requirements foundation or blueprint for a complex data integration project.

Keys to successful Master Data Management Requirements

Some of the keys to successful MDM requirements are also the ways an MDM requirements approach differs from other types of solutions.

What is Requirements Traceability and why is it important?

A strong requirements foundation, along with a structure to ensure traceability, is essential for a successful project.

Requirements Visualizations – a picture is worth a thousand words

Visual Requirements can be used throughout the project lifecycle to complement written requirements and ensure all stakeholders have a clear and consistent understanding and concur with proposed requirements.

Requirements Levels and Work Products

A repository of reusable requirements work products, which ensures consistency and facilitates reuse.

The Journey to Master Data Leads to Benefits at Every Step

Good article by Scott Taylor... Master Data can strengthen strategy, drive innovation, and improve customer engagement; however realize that it's a journey.

Master Data and Data Vault - Truth versus Fact

Great article by David Nicholson-Jones on how a Data Vault (Analytical Data Warehouse) and Master Data Management solution (Operational Data Store) can complement each other.

Tired of projects failing? Get the requirements right

Nice article by Matthew Leach on the importance of getting requirements right. 75% of project failures ... can be traced to ... a lack of business analysis to properly align the IT project with the needs of the company and its customers

Agile Requirements: What's the Big Deal?

Good article by Karl Wiegers and Joy Beatty. Discusses how a developer needs to know the same information to be able to correctly implement the right functionality regardless of the life cycle being used.

Disciplined Agile Delivery is “Pragmatic Agile”

Great article by Mark Lines and Scott Ambler which discusses the importance of investing time prior to beginning construction to get going in the right direction.

Requirements Engineering and Agile

Nice article by Sven van der Zee emphasizing the importance of Requirements in Agile. Thorough requirements expertise is necessary to bring the essence of requirements engineering into agile teams.

Causes of software development woes

Good article by Dale Vile that emphasizes regardless of development methodology/approach, clear and concise requirements are key to a project's success...

Customer Review

Anyone with solid data management experience will read this with gratitude. I've been working on a methodology closely related to MDM and needed a definitive practical guide for MDM implementation. It was a tall order, as practical advice is usually limited to strategy and scope, however this book delivered in spades. There are detailed examples throughout the book, and you can practically 'paint-by-numbers' when it comes to a MDM implementation from scratch. I can't recommend this book highly enough, for in-house managers, consultant and technical MDM implementers who wish to leap-frog years of trial and error to base their understanding on something concrete and tested. I don't claim MDM experience for my evaluation of these materials, but years of IT implementation validate the logical progress of the material development that evolves throughout the book's presentation.

Customer Review

Have used for current MDM definition project. Useful resource for reference and check list purposes. Would recommend to other practitioners

Customer Review

Very good book that helped me to understand how to write good MDM requirements.

Customer Review

A thorough overview of just what you need to consider in standing up an MDM solution.

Customer Review

It provides a step-by-step guide on developing requirements for an MDM solution.

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